Privacy Policy

This data privacy policy (“Policy”) sets forth the reasonable security practices and security procedures adopted by Export Promotion Council For Handicrafts (“EPCH”) and shall apply to use and disclosure of sensitive personal data or information and personal information (“Personal Information“) provided by You (which means and include as a Exporter/members/Customer or a User) on the Website (“hereinafter referred as “EPCH Website i.e.”) or otherwise at the time of client acceptance / registration/application in connection with your participation in fair or availing products or services or facilities or invitees of EPCH.

This privacy policy shall be read in conjunction with the Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions) agreed by you while registering for participation to availing its services.

This policy in brief discloses the information practices for all the EPCH websites and other related websites, including what types of information are gathered and tracked, how the information is used and with whom the information is shared.

EPCH may stores and processes personal data in secure third-party applications for day to day business operations. All third-party applications used by EPCH to store or process personal data are committed to GDPR compliance and other applicable compliance internationally acceptable. The EPCH further abides by the same, to the extent it is applicable and for any detailed information you may contact EPCH.


The EPCH collect personal data or information about you from a variety of sources, to operate effectively and provide you the best experience, including through:

  • Online and electronic interactions including via EPCH websites, mobile applications, text messaging programs etc.
  • Offline interactions with EPCH, including via direct interaction programme, hard copy registration / application forms, competition entries and contacts through various sources of EPCH; and
  • Your interaction with online targeted content (such as advertisements) that EPCH, or service providers on our behalf, provide to you via third party websites or applications.
  • During your participation for the fair by way of your registration over the website or applicable format or by acceptance of invitations.

The most of this data be provided by you directly when you register for fairs, webinars, meetings and events or interact with our learning management system. We get some of it by recording how you interact with our ads, for example, using technologies like cookies, and receiving error reports or usage data. The personal Data be provided be in form of your name, Phone/mobile number, E-mail address, Company/Firm details, and other voluntary data as and when applicable.


The EPCH shall obtain Your consent in writing (and includes electronic consent) before collecting Personal Information for providing Services, when you register for fairs, webinars, meetings and events or interact with our learning management system. Personal information for purposes of this Policy includes information that identifies you, such as Your name, date of birth, bank account details or credit card or debit card, phone number, fax number or email address, your handicrafts products, design specification, year of manufacture, name of your company/firm etc. and include gender, marital status, city of residence. All Personal Information so provided will be on an ‘as on’ basis and EPCH shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the Personal Information supplied by you. Personal Information which is provided or collected from you are solely for the purposes connected with the Terms of Use which has been agreed by you to provide various products or services or facilities by EPCH especially relating to your participation during fair.

You have the option not to provide or agree to the collection of Personal Information. If you choose not to agree with the Policy, you will not be entitled to use the Services as per the Terms of Use. You can also anytime withdraw the consent you provided by writing to us at e-mail at and making a request for termination of the services agreed as per the Terms of Use.


EPCH need this information to operate and provide various products and services relation to fair / webinar/ meeting etc. with aim to promote the standard of your products and competition amongst the exporter members and further to improve the products and personalise your experience while your interactions with our Participants (exporters/members). EPCH use, transmit and disclose Your Personal Information only as follows:

  • To fulfil Your requests for participation in fair, webinar, meetings etc.
  • To deliver to you any administrative notices, alerts, advice and communications relevant to Your use of the Service
  • To offer similar services to provide you with various value added services and information including for authentication purposes to enable linking of Your products be held with EPCH
  • to third-party contractors that provide services to EPCH and are bound by these same privacy restrictions;
  • For any project planning, Fair Planning, troubleshooting problems, detecting and protecting against error, fraud or identification of other criminal activity;
  • With the abovementioned parties including with any regulatory, statutory or judicial authorities for compliance with any law or regulation in accordance with this privacy policy.
  • If you request something from a EPCH website or other associated websites, for example, a product or service, a call back, or specific marketing materials, we will use the information, to fulfill your request. To help us do this, we may share information, with others, for instance, other parts of EPCH, EPCH’s Business Partners, financial institutions, shipping companies, postal or government authorities (for example, customs authorities) involved in fulfillment. In connection with a transaction, we may also contact you as part of our customer satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes.
  • The information you provide to EPCH on certain EPCH websites may also be used by EPCH and selected third parties for marketing purposes. Before we use it, however, we will offer you the opportunity to choose whether or not to have your information used in this way.


All such Personal Information collected shall be retained so long as you are having account/member with EPCH or by any of its third party service entities/service provider (“Third Party Service Entity”) and remain active to avail various services/product/participate in any fairs of EPCH including fair/webinar or as may be required under the law or as per applicable policy on data retention if any. In case of deactivation / termination of the account / services with EPCH, the Personal Information provided may no longer be used for providing the services/facilities and the same may also get removed upon the expiry of the maximum tenure as may be prescribed under the provisions of the law as applicable or the policy on data retention if any. Unless the Personal Information is purged permanently, the Personal Information may remain on the servers and EPCH may however use the Personal Information for data analytics purposes and procedures for improving the provisions of services/facilities by them in a non-identifiable manner.


EPCH / its authorized Third Party Service Entity encourages you to update your information as and when there are any changes. You are also entitled to review the information provided and ensure that any Personal Information or sensitive personal data or information found to be inaccurate or deficient be corrected or amended as feasible. However, EPCH shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the Personal Information or product information or sensitive personal data or information supplied by you whatsoever.


Your Personal/Product information will not be sold/disclosed or otherwise transferred to anyone unless otherwise stated at the time of collection or without Your approval as the case may be. However, EPCH might share, exchange and disclose information as specifically stated under this Privacy Policy supra.

EPCH treats Your Personal Information or Your use of the Service as private and confidential and does not check, edit, or reveal it to any third parties except where it is expressly agreed where it believes in good faith, such action is necessary to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory processes, or to protect and defend the rights of other users or to enforce the terms of service and to resolve any dispute during any fairs/webinar/ fairs/exhibitions/events/conference/meetings. EPCH may disclose Personal/Product(s) Information where it is under legal obligation to do so or where it is mandated under law. EPCH will not make any data transfer unless you will provide consent for the same.

Personal/Product(s) information may be transferred to any group company of EPCH, if any, at any time or to a third party only as a result of a sale, acquisition, merger, reorganization or other change in control. If EPCH is sold, merged or transferred any part of our business, part of the sale may include Your Personal/Product Information.


Except where specifically agreed by You or it is necessary for operational or regulatory reasons, EPCH or any Third Party Service entity will not send you any unsolicited information/communication. However, to help you to take full advantage of the service offerings/facilities/products, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you would like to “opt out” of receiving promotional and/or marketing information about other products, services and offerings from EPCH and/or any third parties etc. If you do not opt out, EPCH may use contact information to send occasional communication pertaining to the said information. You can nevertheless unsubscribe from receipt of such emails by following instructions therein or by communicating accordingly to EPCH.


EPCH shall not retain Personal/Product(s) Information longer than the Purpose for which it is sought is served or is otherwise required under any other law for the time being in force or in accordance to the data retention policy, if any. The Personal Information so collected shall be used only for the Purpose for which it is collected and in the manner agreed by you. Personal Information however may remain on the servers unless otherwise deleted or purged permanently.


EPCH or its Third Party Service Entity may sometimes permit third parties to offer subscription and/or registration-based services through its Website. EPCH are not responsible for any actions or policies of such third parties and You should check the applicable privacy policy of such party when providing personally identifiable information. Further, EPCH will not be responsible if You do not get the benefits announced if any, by the said third parties permitted to offer subscription or services on its site.


EPCH and its web sites may use “cookies” (information stored on Your computer/Your Computer Resources which include mobiles phones and also APPs) by your browser at our request). “Cookies” is a term generally used for small text files a web site can use to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s ongoing access to and use of the site, allow a site to track usage behaviour and compile aggregate data that will allow content improvements and targeted advertising, preferences etc. Cookies themselves do not personally identify you, but they do identify Your computer, computer resources and devices connected with computer resources and include Mobile phones. Generally, cookies work by assigning a unique number to the computer that has no meaning outside the assigning site. You are also being made aware that EPCH cannot control the use of cookies or the resulting information by advertisers or third parties hosting data on respective EPCH website. If You do not want information collected through the use of cookies, you may change the settings in the browsers that allows to deny or accept the cookie feature as per Your discretion and in the manner agreed by you.


In case of use of facilities/products/services through any APP of EPCH, additional terms and conditions governing the manner of usage of APP including collection and disclosure of Personal Information shall be applicable and to be read along this Privacy Policy.


Our website(s) has links to other website(s) in the World Wide Web. The privacy policies of these website(s) is not under our control. Once you leave our servers, use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site you are visiting. It is advisable to read their privacy policies for further information.


This website is not intended for use by children and minors. Parents are requested to ensure that Personal Information is not provided by minors. If a parent believes that his or her child has submitted personal information to us, he or she can contact us via e-mail. We will promptly delete the information upon learning that it relates to a child under the age of 18. Please note that it is possible some of this information may remain archived in web logs and back-up archives after we delete the information from our active database.


EPCH uses the help of Internet Protocol (“IP“) addresses to diagnose any problems with its server and to administer its web site including by blocking certain addresses that it feels are inappropriately using its website. IP addresses are used to gather broad demographics information, such as browser types, visitor’s country, visiting frequency, operating systems, etc.


EPCH could be subject to verification by a third party for its use of encryption technologies and may also audited by third party auditor for security practice as deemed fit.


EPCH reserves the right to change the Policy at any time. You may note that this Policy itself and any such change of policy will be effective from the date of posting on the site. Using our website means accepting our privacy policy. If you are not in agreement with any of our privacy policy, we advise you to stop using our website. A notice may be posted on our website home page for 7 days whenever this Privacy Policy is changed in a material way.

This Privacy Notice governs the use of this internet site. However, if you register for (or attend or accept invitation) an fair/ event, your participation may be governed by additional and/or different privacy policies, including privacy policies of an event sponsor who may gather or receive and use your data pursuant to its own policy. If you have a question about this statement, you can send an email to the EPCH website at You can also contact us at this address if you have a question about EPCH’s handling of your information. We will endeavor to respond within an appropriate timeframe.

Please note that for any information regarding product specifications including about its IPR similarly for any authenticity of information provided by any visitors/buyers, EPCH shall have no responsibility and liability and you have to check the credentials of each other by its own.

This website is maintained by Akal Information Systems Ltd. or one of its subsidiaries around the world/India.